Whether you are an experienced or novice mountain walker you will be welcome to join our group and enjoy the mountains.

There are several very important factors all new walkers to our group need to be aware of:-

  1. Walking in the Costa Blanca mountains is not like walking in a forest park with well-maintained tracks. The underlying terrain is limestone rock which can be rough underfoot in many places and painful and potentially dangerous should you slip or fall.
  2. You walk entirely at your own risk therefore mountain walking insurance is strongly recommended.
  3. Unfortunately, we have encountered walkers who have overestimated their walking ability in terms their stamina and fitness. This has put themselves and other group members at risk. Our walks are carefully graded, so make absolutely sure you are familiar with our system and choose walks that suit your ability and experience. Consequently,it is recommended that novice mountain walkers start with several easy walks and then graduate to the moderate walks and so on as experience and stamina is built up. 
  4. The correct footwear, adequate clothing, sun hat, sun screen and equipment is essential. Proper strong soled walking boots are strongly recommended to protect your feet and ankles. Clothing should be a mix of breathable base layers, mid layers and waterproofs. Yes, it can rain in the Costa Blanca Mountains! A proper rucksack is vital.
  5. Hydration and food are very important.  A minimum of 2 litres of water are recommended for a full day hike. Sufficient food for a mid-morning short break (e.g. a banana, energy snacks) and a packed lunch for the lunch stop.
  6. Carry your identity cards, health insurance details, first aid kit, mobile phone and a whistle. You must carry emergency suitable Energy Gel Sachets or Glucose type tablets bearing in mind any health issues you may have.
  7. Purchase a Costa Blanca Mountain Walkers Fob. Complete your details on the Fob and attach this to the outside of your rucksack. Fobs can be purchased from any walk leader.
  8. If you are unsure about any of these factors contact
  9. Before attending a walk check the weather forecast for the area of your walk and check the website for any stop press entries about the walk.  Do not walk if you feel unwell. If in doubt contact the walk leader.
  10. Walk Leaders reserve the right to not allow ill equipped or poorly prepared walkers on their walk. Dogs will not permitted on walks that are marked “No Dogs”.

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