Becoming a leader


Walk Leaders

Walk Leaders are the lifeblood of the Costa Blanca Mountain Walkers.  They are the people who devise, submit, and lead walks for our walking programme and who make decisions – mainly at a twice yearly leaders meeting – about the group and the way it is run.  Leaders are actively encouraged to attend as many Leader’s meetings as they can, so that they can contribute to our organisation.  This page is intended to summarise key information about the role of leaders within our group.

We always need new leaders to help lead walks in the programme.  This is not too onerous a task but you should have experience in walking, and have read, and be willing to comply with the guidance that is available on this website.  You will find plenty of support to help you in preparing yourself to be a leader, either in advice on what is required or in the preparation to lead a walk at which ever level (E,M,MS,S or VS) you feel comfortable with.

Our Walks 

We hold a Walks database listing details of all existing walks.  The information consists of a unique identifying number for each walk, and key data such as leaders name, walk name, meeting point description and walk statistics (distance, ascent, time taken and grade) which are used to create our walking programmes.  More information about our Walk Descriptions can be found here.  Walkers are asked to assess their ability to do the walks based on information in the programme such as the walk grade.  Detailed information about Walk Grades – which specify walk distance, ascent and estimated walking time for each of our grades are held on the CBMW Website.  Leaders are responsible for the accuracy of the information for walks which they lead which are held in this database.  Any corrections should be sent using the form which is available HERE.

The Walks Programme

Walks programmes are produced twice a year – for the Autumn season (October to January), and Spring (February to May).  Leaders are asked to submit walks for these by 31st May (for the Autumn Programme), and 30th November (for the Spring Programme).  More detailed information about how the programme is produced and leaders’ responsibilities within this process can be found here.

Offering to lead a Walk in the Programme – 7 Easy Steps. 

Step 1 – Choose a Walk

Identify the walk that you would like to lead.  This can be done in several ways:

  • Use a walk that you are already familiar with which is not currently being lead by someone else.
  • Choose a walk from the list – walks without leaders – which can be found on this website here.
  • Create a walk either on your own or with  some fellow like minded walkers.

If you are still not  sure about how to find a walk to lead then please email the walks programmers (, indicating the grade of walk that you would be interested in leading and, the area in which you would like to walk (e.g. around Pego, or near Altea) and, we will be happy to help you find a walk and, if necessary an experienced leader to help you become familiar with the walk.

Step 2 – Offer the Walk

When you feel ready to lead others around the walk you can submit it for the next walks programme.
To offer your walks, complete the appropriate form on the website and then submit it to the programme secretary.
For walks already on our walks database, you need send in only the walk number and title and your availability .  This form can be found here .
To offer a new walk not currently on the database you will need to complete this form here to get the walk information added to the database and, also your availability to lead the walk.  The walk will then be allocated a unique number.  See Walk Descriptions for more detailed information on the information required.

Once the form is received you will get a receipt and, you will then get a copy of the provisional programme in accordance with the programme production schedule.

Step 3 – Make sure you understand your responsibilities

Familiarise yourself with the Walk Leaders responsibilities which are outlined here.

Step 4 – Familiarise yourself with the correct steps to take in case of emergency 

Familiarise yourself with what to do in an emergency.  The recommended emergency guidance can be found here.  Although individuals should carry their own First Aid kit, not all walkers do so and, it is strongly recommended that leaders have one (recommended contents can be found here) as well as a charged mobile phone.

Step 5 – Double check the route a little way ahead of the actual walk

Check your route prior to leading the walk and, check on the weather and any other factors.  Any changes should be sent out using Stop Press on the website.  There is a form for doing this here.

Step 6 – Lead and Enjoy! 

Lead your walk and enjoy the experience.  You will find lots of very grateful walkers who will appreciate your effort.

Step 7 – Record number of people on your walk 

After your walk, please email the chair ( with the date and, name of your walk and the number of walkers on it for our records.

Hopefully you enjoy the experience so much that you are now ready to offer to lead another walk!

What happens if you want to make changes to your walk or you are unable to lead a walk after the programme is published?

If there is a change to your phone number(s), change to the walk you have, or walks already on the Programme, then please submit a Stop Press notice using the form in the Stop Press section of the website.  To change the number on the database for future programmes, please send an email to with details of the new number(s).  All other changes to any walk details held on the walks database and, (if applicable) a WalksinSpain write up for the walk must be submitted using the form found here .

Once the programme has been published leaders should announce any changes to their walk details via the Stop Press facility on the website.  In cases where a leader is unable to lead their programmed walk they can either find an alternative leader themselves and, then submit a Stop Press notice with new leaders contact details.