First Aid Kit

All leaders are provided with a basic first aid kit.  However, below is a  suggested list of additional First Aid items that all walkers should have.   You should also add all those personal medication items that you could need if you were in the mountains for an extended time following an incident.

Item Use
First Aid Kit The following items should be kept in a waterproof container:
  • 1 Crepe Elasticated Bandage 10cms wide × 4.5m, for support of joint and bandaging wounds.
  • 1 Wound Dressing. Pad with bandage attached, pad size 13cm × 9cm minimum, for controlling bleeding in large wound.
  • 1 Pack Waterproof Adhesive Plasters. Assorted sizes for minor cuts and grazes, including two plasters large enough for elbow / knee and 2 large H-shaped for heel.
  • 4 Antiseptic Wipe Sachets. (Non alcohol) to clean dirty grazes.
  • 1 Packet Chiropody Felt (moleskin) for blisters and “hot spots”.
  • 1 Pair Scissors to cut clothing etc. if required.
  • 1 Pair Tweezers (oblique tipped) to remove splinters, thorns, stings.
  • 1 Tick Removal Tool.
  • 1 Small Tube TCP / Savlon Ointment for bites, stings, cuts etc.
  • 1 Small Packet Toilet Paper for hygiene and comfort if “caught short”.

    • Ibuprofen Tablets to relieve pain; head, tooth, back or muscular.
    • Aspirin Tablets for pain / inflammation and for suspected heart attack (check for allergy).
    • Antihistamine tablets and cream can provide relief from bee/wasps stings as it will help with itching and swelling.
Whistle If help needed give SIX short blasts repeated at one minute intervals. Answering signal when responding to emergency is THREE short whistle blasts repeated at one minute intervals.
Message Kit Sealable plastic waterproof bag containing label or card and pencil to print emergency message when sending for help. Message must include:
  • Nature of incident
  • Exact location of incident (6 figure reference/coordinates and brief description)
  • Number of casualties
  • Details of injuries
  • Time incident occurred.
Emergency Blanket Even in the Costa Blanca the weather can get cold and following an incident there is a danger that shock will set in an a patient will need to be kept warm while awaiting help.
Skin Protection Pack High factor sun block cream, lip salve for sun and wind burn. Anti-midge cream / spray or citronella aromatherapy oil.

Additional items are provided for Leaders by the CBMW