Adding a New Walk to the database

If you have created a new walk and want to add it to the walks database so that you can lead it in future, please submit the form on WiS with a minimum of the GPX file and walk attributes, preferably the full walk textual description. Instructions to do this can be found Submitting A New Walk Instructions, but before you do – click here if you need help to find the Latitude and Longitude.

Once the new walk with its GPX file and full textual description has been added to the WiS database, you will receive the WiS link to be included for the CBMW walks database via email.

You can now submit the form to add it to the CBMW walks database together with the WiS link, click New Walk Submision Form 

Once the walk has been added to the database you will receive an email mail with a note of the walk number.