For many reasons, your walk or a walk you would like to lead from the database of walks without leaders, may require amendments. It is important that you change the database so that when your walk appears in the programme it has all the correct details. To do this you need to complete the attached form HERE.

If the route or start location changes ensure that the detailed, textual description of the walk and GPX file which are held on the WalksInSpain database are updated as well. This will require reworking the timing etc on the description. To do this either download the textual description from WiS and mark up accordingly  and attach to the email or provide the relevant textual description directly in the email. Send to  WiS Admin

If your Contact Details change, or you wish to Give Up a WalkPass/Loan Walk to Another Leader,  then please email the  database admin with the walk number, changes/leaders name, contact number and email as appropriate.