Leader's Photos and short Bio
Angela Colgate. A keen walker with CBMW for over 20 years, and a few more I hope!
Angie Elliot
Ange has been living in Spain since 2007 when she first joined CBMW. Recruited into the fold by Charles Pye, Ange became a leader in 2009 when she joined forces with Ann Price to become joint leaders, our very own Charlies Angels. Ange is not only interested in walking but also running, gardening and learning Spanish.
Ann Price moved to Spain with her husband in 2006 to enjoy retirement and to be near their daughter and grandchildren. Ann joined the group in 2006 and then a couple of years later joined forces with Angie Elliott to lead walks together - Two for the Price of one.!
Brian Sear first walked with the CBMW in 2008 and started leading walks 5-6 years later. On the first walk he led he had the dubious honour of being the first leader to need to call for a helicopter to help a walker in his group be removed from the mountain injured
Carol Harbach
Carol first walked with the group in 1997. Carol was then appointed General Secretary in 2002 before being appointed Chair in 2011 until 2020.
Clodagh Brown
Colin Read
David Brain
David Harbach
David has been a long standing member of the group having first walked with the group in 1996. David first became a leader in 2002 and has since then been a stalwart at writing up the walks for our Walks In Spain website and encouraging and mentoring new leaders. David was the progamme secretary 2004-5
Fergus Fitzpatrick. Fergus has been leading walks since January 2018. Something that might surprise you about Fergus is that he knows absolutely nothing about rugby. In fact, he thinks the 6 nations is something to do with the EU.
Graham Pearl. ‘’The easy path won’t lead you to the best views’’.
Hazel Marsden
Joan Fitzpatrick. Joan started walking with CBMW in 2012, and lead her first walk in 2018
Jo Fletcher
Jo moved to Spain permanently in 2014, having previously been an expat in various places around the world. Whilst keen on scuba diving, skiing and running, walking has been a major activity for over 50 years. Jo enjoys organising trips to different parts of Spain.
John E Mail started walking with the group in 2002 and led his first walk in 2003. He was active in the organisation of the group being programme secretary for many years and has organised some away trips.
John Price joined the CBMW group with wife Ann (the much better known & more good looking of the couple) in 2007, after arriving in Javea in 2006.
He was the Press Secretary of the group for a number of years, was an active walker but now depleting bodily conditions restrict him to the shorter, easier walks.
John is kept busy working with the MABS cancer charity & has recruited a number of voluntary drivers for patient hospital trips from the CBMWs. He is also a keen supporter of Rugby Union and can be found supporting club rugby in the UK as well as the local team La Vila. He leads the CBMW La Vila supporters group!
Mary Gough
Mary has been walking with the group since 2004 and has been a leader since 2012. As well as being a keen walker with the CBMW, Mary also runs her own group of walkers 'The Explorers'. Mary is renowned for her challenging walks and is a member of the Long Distance Walkers Association.
Martin Dunkley
Martin has been walking with the Costa Blanca Mountain Walkers since 2006 and as a leader since 2012. He is currently Secretary and Treasurer of CBMW.
Mike Granville
Pauline Chalmers. Pauline joined CBMW Oct 2007, married to Rob Chalmers and both became walk leaders in 2011. Both served on Secretariat for 4 years as Press Secretary and FB admin.
Paul Elliot
Peter Greene.
Originally from BlackRock Co Dublin living in Moraira Spain and walking with the Costa Blanca mountain walkers since 1999.
Ralph Phipps
Ralph has been walking in the mountains since 1961 (!!) and with the CBMW since at least the start of the millennium, and is currently the webmaster for walksinspain.org
Richard Marsden
Rob Chalmers
Sandy Blair
Theresa Brain
Theresa’s main hobbies were aerobics, skiing and tennis. She discovered the CBMW 17 years ago when she regularly visited her holiday home in Moraira. The first time she reached a summit she was blown away (metaphorically!) and was hooked from then on. As someone with no sense of direction she warily became a leader in 2011 but thankfully only occasionally gets lost!
Tim Fawle
Tony Clark.
Tony started walking with the Costa Blanca Mountain Walkers in February 2010 at the age of 65. Tony had never been a walker or a sportsman before joining the Costa Blanca Mountain Walkers, but it was not long before he realised what he had been missing and is now trying to make up for lost time. Tony is now one of our leaders having led his first walk in 2017.
Vicki and David Francis. Regular walkers with CBMW since 2015.
Finally stepping up to the plate.