Walking in the Pyrenees – Update

Ralph Phipps.

Thanks to everybody who has already enquired about the two weeks in the Pyrenees in September. I have been administratively overwhelmed as there have already been some 52 requests for the 40 places on offer over the 2 weeks. I thought it might be a struggle to fill them!!

We are away in Morocco at the moment and only have mobile devices with us. I have tried to keep pace with the requests and acknowledge each of them individually. Do not assume that my acknowledgement of your mail means that you are on the trip.

This leaves me the unenviable task of deciding who can come!! I intend to follow the guidelines I indicated of giving preference to leaders and contributors (website, programme, cutting, social and so on).

When we return to the UK on 9th Feb, and have access to a PC I’ll contact everybody who has asked and confirm their place if I can. In the meantime you are welcome to request inclusion and I’ll add you to my growing list. Maybe some of the attendees might later pull out. Sorry if some will be disappointed but I cannot run a third week!