Walk Offers for Next Season

Walks already on current database (click here to see current database) 

Please email the Programme Secretary with include the following details for each walk that you are offering:-

Number and name of walk
Preferred day / dates
Date restrictions

Don’t forget to let us know if any of your contact details have changed from those held on the walks database.

We will ALWAYS acknowledge receipt of your email so if you do not receive an acknowledgement please either resend your email us or contact us on +34 699 784 253.

New walks

Please complete the following form – one for each new walk. We will let you know the number of your new walk as soon as we add it to the walks database. Thanks.

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Name of walk
Meeting point
Nearest town
Stats – km, hrs, m ascent and grade
Preferred day / date
Date restrictions
If you will allow dogs on a lead then please tell us – otherwise we will assume NO DOGS.

Many thanks