Test Form for New Walks

This form should collect all relevant data for new walk. The person submitting the walk should get an on screen acknowledgement  and an email with copy of data. Need to warn them that this might go into their spam box. An email with the data is also sent to cbmwalkers@gmail.com. However because of the way the email is sent this also usually goes into the spam account so this needs to be checked regularly.

To collect the data, go into the Form builder plug in, select export and choose which form to export data from and between which dates, Then  a csv file is generated which  can then be exported in to the walks database with a bit of tweaking,

Once walk has been added to database need to write to sender with walk number assigned


Process checked 30th December and all works OK. Need to sort out actual fields on form now.

New Walk Data - Items marked * must be completed


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