This year the ‘Fob’ will consist of a card in a sealable plastic wallet and a carabiner to attach to your rucksack. The card will have one side for your personal details, emergency contact number and any allergies you may have and the reverse side will have a coloured disc showing your contribution to the ongoing administration costs of the group. The hope is that you will keep the fob for the next 6 years and add a new coloured adhesive disc each year. Please ensure that the Fob is visible on your rucksack so that it can easily be found in case of an accident/emergency. Fobs will be available at the opening meeting and there after from leaders at walks. Please remember that the Fob indicates not only that you have contributed to the upkeep of the group but also that you have read and will follow the conventions of the group. The conventions are available on the website and it is always good to familiarise yourself with them on a regular basis. Further details about the Fob are available here PAGE 1 and PAGE 2