Yesterday we finished and celebrated the end of our 30th walking year.  The traditional closing Meet saw over 80 people out walking and 83 sitting down to enjoy lunch together. For those not able to be there I will give a synopsis of my summing up of the year:

“Thanks to all our leaders and sweepers for today’s walks. The end of our 30th year has seen a record number of 500 different walkers. Sadly one of our walkers, Brian Lambourne (known on facebook as Martin Walker) died whilst our walking with our group.  He died suddenly and unexpectedly from natural causes.   It was a privilege to know from the family and friends that our group was an important and happy part of his life.

After five years of hard work Alan and Margo have decided to retire from their responsibility of obtaining and distributing fobs.  Appreciation was shown by all.

Congratulations to David and Theresa who are now officially married.  Our second “coupling” is now confirmed.  John Mail and Clodagh are planning their wedding to take place in September.

Tony Clarke has volunteered to take up the role previously undertaken by Alan and Margo.  Thank you Tony. I know he will be well supported by all.

Specific thanks to ALL OUR LEADERS.  Without their time and contribution, we would not be able to enjoy such an important part of our life here. Thanks were also given to the following:

Ralph and Katy Phipps          (programmers)

Jo Fletcher                              (website)

Jo and Jenny                           (recent successful 2 week trip in the Picos)

Robert Chalmers                     (Press &walk statistics on website)

Pauline Chalmers                    (Press & website admin)

Angie, Paul Elliott                  Xmas Party

OTHERS                                 Nic Laws, Lee  O’Neil, Mike Granville

Martin & Veronica Dunkley    The end of the new Social Secretaries’ first year. Their energy is endless.  They have very professionally organised several events for us during the year and it doesn’t finish today.  They will now go on to coordinate the traditional SUMMER PROGRAMME, details of which are now on the website.  (Although not said publicly yesterday, I would like to thank ‘him indoors’ for continuing to support myself personally and also for his behind the scenes role of recording our finances and accountability.)  I’m banned from mentioning him publicly.

Forthcoming trips have been organised by John Male (Marrakesh), Jo and Jenny (Andorra) and Ralph and Katy Phipps (Cazorla).

There is still time to offer walks for the Spring programme, particularly in the category of E, M & MS.  Thanks again to all our leaders and all who have contributed during the year.